Our History

Viriona* was formed in 2008 and up until 2015 its services were limited to corporate clients and businesses in providing them with direct market access (DMA) and sales trader assisted dealings on currencies and features exchange platform. Through the years of close end user services, we were able to fulfill many customized trading solutions and meet the needs of various fund managers, many of which became part of the interacting Viriona subsidiaries network.

By 2015, sufficiently diverse, hedging-based trading capacity was built within the network, allowing the combined entity to capitalize on the so-called Economic Confidence Model (ECM) in the compressed time scale micro environment. In December of 2015, Viriona has made it's initial public offering (IPO) and a number of additional representative traders for wealthy individuals were allowed to join the network. Consistent, high profit trading ability of the network was achieved and since the beginning of 2016, Viriona became fully open to general public, offering an investment program, based on managed accounts.



Security Warning

It has come to our attention that website 'viri0na.com' starts to promote their services under ou...


Unique offer

Viriona is expanding its activity into private sector by establishing publicly available website ...


Low fees and security

Viriona is introducing low fees, secure and internationally available methods for depositing and ...

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