Investment Offers

Are you absolutely confident that you are doing everything possible to reach your financial freedom so you can follow your life dreams and goals? If you could use some advice on where to begin and how to gain the momentum, you are not alone. Not everyone has the detailed knowledge of financial markets and for many people the best choice is to work with financial services provider such as Viriona, who gained required expertise and therefore can provide financial products in the form of fixed income managed accounts. We offer the following investment plans:

Plan Name Investment amount,$ Investor's Share of Daily profit,%
A 10-500 50
B 501-5000 55
C 5001-20000 65
D 20001-50000 75

*All plans duration are 280 businenss days long.

Example 1.

User has an active deposit of $10,000 (Plan C) and company's current value for daily profit is 3.00%. This user's profit will than be 65% of 3.00%, or 65*3.00/100=1.95% ($195 in earnings will be credited to the account for this day)

Example 2.

User has an active deposit of $40,000 (Plan D) and company's current value for daily profit is (negative)2.00% (hypothetical trading related loss for the day). This user's profit will than be 75% of 0.35%, or 75*0.35/100=0.26%. ($105 in earnings will be credited to the account for this day). Minimal profit of 0.35% is used in this example and the actual funds for distribution are pulled from the Insurance/Reserve fund.

Each of the investment plans described above is derived from company trading activity, published on the website daily. Company remuneration percentage is set to 10% for all investment products offered to the public, while users' share depends on the amount invested. Users depositing more, as well as those retaining and/or reinvesting profits on the account, will receive progressively higher fraction of total company profits.

Each user's profit fraction is calculated as 50%, 55%, 65% and 75% of the total profit shown in our trading reports. Corresponding minimum account holdings required to transition from one profit sharing value to the next are $10, $500, $5,000 and $20,000, with $10 being the absolute minimum required to be deposited to become active program member.

NOTE: Users who wish to deposit over $50,000 (PLAN E or VIP)will be entitled to receive 85% share and only 5% of total profits will be retained by the company as remuneration on such deposits.

  • Please note that we are paying profits from Tuesday to Saturday. Thus, the profits resulting from trading on Monday will be distributed on Tuesday.
  • Please note, even if trading day will be finished with negative result our investors will receive profits (0.35%*your_plan_rate on that day) from our reserve fund.